23 November 2021

Nov 23 - The new podcasting studio

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Todays episode is, again, not recorded in the studio. I am travelling but brought some stuff...

Todays topics will be:

  1. The new project building a new podcasting studio
  2. Moving away from Google
  3. Important to empty your head
The new project building a new podcasting studio
  • What I have right now
  • Why I want to change
  • What I plan to do
    • Split the room in two
    • Create sound absorbation plates
    • Table to have the Microphones
  • Requirements
Moving away from Google
  • Talk about my last de Google Attempt ( 2019-06-11 - https://martinhaagen.se/ungoogleing-the-blog/)
    • Website
    • Tutanota
  • This time
    • Leave all personal accounts - keep only company and potentially one for youtube
    • Protonmail - you can use external tools if you want (bridge app)
    • Migration process - DNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARK, MX (All in DNS), Import Emails and Labels from Gmail.
    • Migration of 700 emails - roughly 1hr
    • Två domains for my account.
    • Plan for other account (mbh.se)
    • Plan for Tutanota
Important to Empty your head

I was in Italy for a wedding last week and there was something that really hit me.

When you travel to new places - you get a lot of new impressions (this doesn't have to be achieved by travel - meeting people, exercise, having a hobby) - this will make your brain associate and you will likely find new similarities and patterns. You will be creative. But if your head is already full with thoughts and things you need to remember. You don't have room and this will not happen as frequently.

Thoughts tend to come in the "wrong" place. In the shower. Batteries for the flash light when the power goes out. Bread when you are at work and the important task when you are at the store.

You may get great ideas but you loose them as fast.

Create a habit to quickly capture things and keep them outside of your head. Device tools and strategies to do it easily. I use

  • Pen and Paper. Note taker wallet.
  • IPhone voice recorder - standard app.
  • Drafts - voice-to-text functionality.

Make sure to capture them and store that capture in a place you trust. You will need to come back to it and decide what it means to you and if, and if so, what to do with it.