8 April 2022

April 8 - DNS and can it be good?

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- Nothing like waiting for new toys - I was hoping my new NAS was arriving today - but no - not even shipped. 

- DNS - Domain Name System 

- PhoneBook of the internet translates human readable names (domain-names) to IP-adresses that can be used by computers. 

- It works like a tree - with root servers - top–domains - domains and hosts or subdomains. To find a name you traverse the tree (or the DNS-server you use traverses the tree).

- Caching is used to make the loads lower. 

- DNS is interesting since it old and built by trust - and today that is not very safe. 

- We can secure our DNS-data by signing it - hindering DNS-servers providing wrong information or spoofing DNS-names. 

- We can encrypt the DNS-querys increasing privacy. 

- Which DNS-server are you using - who can se what you access? Google? Your telco? 

- I have switched to use Quad9 - that provide a non-logging DNS-server to secure your privacy. You can also use their DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS solution to increase your privacy more. 

- Quad9 also have block-list that stops you from getting to malicious sites (optional). 

- Quad9.net