21 April 2022

April 21 - The Remarkable 2 workflow.wav

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In [[Ep 126 - April 12 - Note automation with RocketBook and Devonthink]] I talked about the workflow I setup using my RocketBooks, Keyboard Maestro and DevonThink. I mentioned that I have a Remarkable 2 that I just didn't find a good workflow for. I do not like archiving and keeping my notes on the remarable it self. The goal is to be able to digitize all notes into the same system.

My Rocketbook flow is essentially: 

1. Write in RocketBook

2. Take Photo with app - tag and upload to dropbox

3.  Keyboard Mastro macro will tag files with clarifying tag

4. I manually process the notes and tag it with the right project or theme tag.

5. Another Macro moves the file into DevonThink

6. An automation (smart rule) is triggered on the import and will based on the tags move the file to the correct place.

7. Clean the RocketBooks...

My problem was that I could  export one or a subselection of pages from my Remarkable2 - it was the whole notebook (if I used the dropbox integration). Then I found email-to-dropbox. An experimental feature that gives you a privat email where you can send files and the will be stored to a specific location on the dropbox. There maybe multiple ways of doing this but this was the easiest way for me. 

The Remarkable 2 flow now looks like this:

1. Write in Remarkable

2. Send the page to dropbox

3. Keyboard Maestro will pick up the file in dropbox and inject the file into the right place in the Rocketbook flow. 

The upside here is

1. It is faster to email the note than to use the app and take a photo

2. With Remarkable I don't have to clean any pages

3. Can use both appraches side-by-side

The next step is to find a scanner app that can scan notes from any notebook (or whiteboard) and inject that into my flow. This is comming together nicely!